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Aqualogic® / Enerlogic®

The best and most comprehensive controller solution for wastewater treatment

Implement more energy-efficient operation of the sewage treatment plant!

Reduce energy consumption in the sewage treatment plant now!

Cities and municipalities are currently taking numerous measures to reduce energy consumption in their areas of responsibility and are calling on citizens to do the same.

A municipality's sewage treatment plant is the largest individual energy consumer - and there is the biological treatment stage, since it has to be aerated with large blowers for several hours a day and other pumps and units are also running so that the necessary cleaning of the wastewater takes place.

With the Aqualogic® controller system, these energy-intensive processes can be controlled as required, meaning that an average of 10% - 20% of energy can be saved in this biological treatment stage in a "conventional" sewage treatment plant. In many cases, this is several percent of the total energy consumption of a municipality! In addition, there is the advantage that the complicated processes are controlled in a well-coordinated manner and the quality of the wastewater treatment is improved. By automating the processes and responding appropriately to load fluctuations or weather events at any time, operational safety is also increased and the operating staff relieved.

Energy savings with Aqualogic® possible in the short term!

By using Aqualogic®, the energy consumption in the aeration tank can be significantly reduced in the short term. Integration into existing systems is usually possible with little effort.

Aqualogic® has been tried and tested for 25 years and is installed in over 400 sewage treatment plants with a population equivalent of 300 to 1.2 million in 8 countries.



Aqualogic® web seminars in german language

Aqualogic® web seminars are held regularly. In the web seminars, the theory and practice of the Aqualogic® controller system is presented in detail. In addition to the structure, functionality and references of the controller system, the underlying fuzzy logic is explained in detail and the application is demonstrated online.

  • Tuesday, 24 September 2024 - 10:30 a.m.

All times in UTC+2

  • Tuesday, 19 November 2024 - 10:30 a.m.

All times in UTC+1

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Aqualogic® web seminars in english language

Aqualogic® web seminars in english language are held regularly. In the web seminars, the theory and practice of the Aqualogic® controller system is presented in detail. In addition to the structure, functionality and references of the controller system, the underlying fuzzy logic is explained in detail and the application is demonstrated online.

The next Aqualogic® web seminars in english language will take place on

  • Tuesday, 15 October 2024 - 8:00 a.m.
  • Thursday, 17 October 2024 - 3:00 p.m.

All times are UTC+2

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Presentation "Moderne Regelungstechnik"

Presentation "Moderne Regelungstechnik" held during the DWA "Sonderfachtagung Energie" at September 30th, 2022 is now as download available.

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Our Goods and Services

Energy Optimization

Aqualogic® provides special functions with the Enerlogic® module package, which pay particular attention to the energy-efficient control of all connected units. The processes are load-dependent and therefore always adequately controlled by the required energy input. However, as Aqualogic® does not consider the energy-saving in isolation but always in the process environment, it is ensured that no excessive energy-saving takes place, which would lead to negative process characteristics. Thus Aqualogic® uses energy according to the saying "as much as necessary - as little as possible".

Process Optimization

Aqualogic® automates all processes around the biological treatment stage of the wastewater treatment plant. Thus, these processes are optimally coordinated at all times and stable plant operation is ensured at all times, ensuring high cleaning performance and economical use of energy and operating resources. By using Aqualogic® you or your wastewater treatment plant will never again be surprised by unforeseen events because Aqualogic® reacts immediately to changes in the inlet or process environment and carries out all necessary adjustments to keep the processes at a stable, high and energy-efficient cleaning level.

Aqualogic® - How it works

Aqualogic® uses Fuzzy Logic to model the processes of the biological treatment stage of a wastewater treatment plant. In this way, extensive established expert knowledge is applied in the form of rules for process control. Fuzzy Logic is particularly suitable for highly complex, non-linear multi-parameter systems such as biological processes and is assigned to the most powerful control approaches for wastewater treatment in the Energy in NRW handbook.

For Users

Aqualogic® is the attentive colleague who in a 24/7 operation always focuses his full attention on all processes in the heart of the wastewater treatment plant. He manages all processes - aeration, recirculation, sludge circuits, precipitant dosing and much more - in an optimally coordinated manner, thus enabling the operating personnel to devote themselves to other important productive tasks. Aqualogic® can also be adapted to changing requirements at any time, i.e. new measuring probes or aggregates to be controlled can be integrated easily and without great effort at any time and thus e.g. further sub-processes can be automated.

For Operators

As an operator, you have to ensure the trouble-free operation of the wastewater treatment plant around the clock and are urged to act as sparingly as possible with resources. Aqualogic® dynamically drives the activation at any time in every load situation to the optimal operating point and thus ensures the highest cleaning performance with efficient energy use. If required, you can benefit from our knowledge that we have gained by supporting a wide range of wastewater treatment plants (in size, process steps, etc.).
If the requirements on the sewage treatment plant change, Aqualogic® can also be adapted to them at any time in an uncomplicated way, e.g. by connecting new measuring probes or new aggregates to be controlled and can thus be adapted to changed process control.

For Partners

You are a specialist in your field and are appreciated for this by the operators of sewage treatment plants. You work in the environment of the operation or automation of the biological treatment stage and need a tool that supplements your performance with process engineering knowledge and ensures that your services can run in a stable process environment. With Aqualogic® the processes of the biological treatment stage are managed in a stable, load-dependent and energy-efficient way and thus provide you with a stable process environment, so that your services can also be carried out trouble-free. An example of this is an aeration system: Highly efficient aerators, an optimal air distribution system and fans of the latest generation cannot play out their advantages if the control technology is not at an equally high level.

For Planners / Engineers

The automation of the biological treatment stage requires not only well-founded knowledge of automation but also a high degree of process engineering expertise about wastewater treatment and all associated process steps. Besides, the automation of biological processes requires highly complex algorithms that can only be realized approximately with "conventional" mathematics and programming.
With Aqualogic® you have the software installed in several hundred wastewater treatment plants at your disposal which use Fuzzy Logic for the realization of control algorithms and thus can implement even highly complex non-linear multi-parameter algorithms. Thus, when using Aqualogic you always have the certainty that the necessary process knowledge is considered and applied during the realization of the automation and thus a stable plant operation is guaranteed in every situation.

Furthermore, Aqualogic can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements at any time, i.e. additional measuring probes or units to be controlled can be connected easily and without great effort or additional automation tasks or new modules can be added. We would be pleased to support you in designing the measurement and control concept for a current task and show optional extensions for future developments.

Thus, the planning reliability over all VOB performance phases is significantly increased by the use of Aqualogic®. We would like to inform you along with the VOB service phases how you and the end customer can benefit from Aqualogic®. An example is a fast implementation and commissioning (because it has been tested a hundred times), after which the operator can act independently immediately and no annoying program errors are to be feared later.


For Investors / Development Workers

In international projects, great efforts are made to improve the local infrastructure in terms of services of general interest, for example by supporting the construction of new sewage treatment plants. To achieve low operating costs and against the background of resource efficiency we recommend the use of Aqualogic®.

For various reasons the cleaning performance of wastewater treatment plants often deteriorates over time. If a supplementary Aqualogic® service contract is concluded, we will continue to support the wastewater treatment plant after commissioning (e.g. remotely via video conference and remote access). For example, by adjusting the controller or evaluating the machine and measurement technology. Thus, the sustainability of investment is also permanently guaranteed.


Client Comments

“Simple and reliable operation”

“Completely satisfied!”

“Since Aqualogic no problems in clarification”

“Good controller and well adjustable”

“Optimally adaptable to the sewage treatment plant”

“Operational stability is guaranteed at all times”

“Process results are still amazingly good today”

“The best controller we had until now”

“Very well adjustable”

“Very reliable and helpful”

“Good controller to save energy”

“The first version of Aqualogic runs, and runs and runs …”

Proven technology in a modern design
Aqualogic®-NG in brief

Aqualogic® – the reference for control systems in wastewater treatment

  • Modern, user-friendly user interface
  • Future-proof thanks to the latest software technologies
  • Optimally matched to the latest Windows versions


  • Powerful data display
  • Enerlogic® functions are included in Aqualogic®
  • Flexible alarm function with freely definable alarms

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