Aqualogic® / Enerlogic®

The best and most comprehensive controller solution for wastewater treatment

The various - often opposing - individual processes in sewage treatment plants place the highest demands on the process control of the biological treatment stage. Classical controllers quickly reach their limits here. The Aqualogic® controller, on the other hand, is based on Fuzzy Logic and is, therefore, able to evaluate any number of system parameters in parallel and to interpret them optimally - the result is a robust and reliably working wastewater treatment plant.
Aqualogic® thus ensures a stable, load-dependent, and energy-efficient operation of the most important part of a sewage treatment plant.
Aqualogic® is highly scalable and due to its modular structure, it can be adapted highly flexible to the specific needs of a wastewater treatment plant and its specific and individual process flows. Should the processes change over time, Aqualogic® can be easily extended or adapted at any time.
Thus Aqualogic® is and remains the component that controls the most important part of a sewage treatment plant reliably and permanently and ensures its stable operation.
Aqualogic® is currently installed on nearly 400 wastewater treatment plants of sizes between 300 and 1,200,000 PE in 8 countries.


January, 18th, 2022: In the future, Aqualogic® will be climate-neutral in production, installation and operation

01/18/2022 / Passavant

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June 1st, 2021: Major update published

12/01/2020 / Passavant

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July 1st, 2020: Aqualogic went into operation at the Pfungstadt sewage treatment plant (45,000 PE).

07/01/2020 / Passavant

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"Simple and reliable operation"

"Completely satisfied!"

"Since Aqualogic no problems in clarification"

"Good controller and well adjustable"

"Optimally adaptable to the sewage treatment plant"

"Operational stability is guaranteed at all times"

"Process results are still amazingly good today"

"The best controller we had until now"

"Very well adjustable"

"Very reliable and helpful"

"Good controller to save energy"

"The first version of Aqualogic runs, and runs and runs...."

Aqualogic with new design

Proven technology in a new design

Major Aqualogic update published

Aqualogic® - the reference for control systems in wastewater treatment in a new version

• Redesigned, more user-friendly user interface
• Future-proof thanks to the latest software technologies
• Optimally matched to the latest Windows versions

New and extended functions
• New, significantly more powerful data display
• In the future, Enerlogic® functions will generally be included in Aqualogic®
• Flexible alarm function with freely definable alarms

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