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As an operator, you have to ensure the trouble-free operation of the wastewater treatment plant around the clock and are urged to act as sparingly as possible with resources. Aqualogic® dynamically drives the activation at any time in every load situation to the optimal operating point and thus ensures the highest cleaning performance with efficient energy use. If required, you can benefit from our knowledge that we have gained by supporting a wide range of wastewater treatment plants (in size, process steps, etc.).
If the requirements on the sewage treatment plant change, Aqualogic® can also be adapted to them at any time in an uncomplicated way, e.g. by connecting new measuring probes or new aggregates to be controlled and can thus be adapted to changed process control.

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Aqualogic/Enerlogic - für einen sicheren und effizienten Betrieb der Kläranlage
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